Student Scores Are Slipping

Why Student Scores are Slipping and How Parents Can Help

The Nation’s Report Card for 2022 shows average student scores are slipping to historic lows. The report highlights the extended impacts of COVID-related school disruptions. But I would argue this downward trend started before the pandemic.

In this article, I’ll break down the new test score data, three reasons I think contributed to the declining scores, and then share what parents can do to help their kids catch up.

college and ADHD helping high school students plan ahead

College and ADHD: How to Help Students Plan Ahead

It’s often a challenge for students with ADHD to look ahead toward the future, making it extremely difficult for them to plan for college even if they really want to go.

In this interview, Psychologist and ADHD Expert Dr. Ari Tuckman shares his insight on what parents can do to help their children start thinking ahead and working to reach their collegiate goals.