Webinar Series for Parents

Learn How to Keep Kids on Task in One of Our Upcoming Free Webinars

It’s a weird time to be a parent, isn’t it? Our normal 3-month vacation has been replaced with 6+ months out of the classroom for a strange mix of homeschooling, distance learning, and “vacation” time.

On one hand, you might feel pressure to make this a fun summer, even as your child deals with the disappointment of canceled plans, camps, and trips. On the other hand, you’re worried about keeping your child on-track academically so they’re ready for the next school year.

We hear you—and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Throughout this summer and into the fall, Ann Dolin will be hosting weekly webinars with helpful tips, strategies, and support for parents of K-12 students.

We’ll talk about how to communicate effectively when your child gets frustrated, how to boost your child’s reading comprehension skills, and much more. This is the weekly pep talk you need to better navigate this strange summer and make it a positive time for your whole family!

Preview upcoming topics below, then click to register and join us. We’ll follow up with a Zoom link and reminder so you can join the call. (Even if the time slot doesn’t work for you, register anyway so we can send you a replay link!

Why Virtual Math Is Hard (And What To Do About It)

Wednesday, October 21st
1:30 - 2:15 p.m. EDT

Even in a typical year, more kids struggle to pass math than any other subject. In a virtual learning environment, even more students are falling behind and struggling to catch back up.

Join us on October 21st (or register to receive the recording) and hear Ann Dolin share why virtual math class is hard—and, more importantly, what you can do to support your child. Join us to learn… 

What math, science, and foreign language have in common (and why it matters)

Why children of all ages struggle to learn math online

How to fill the virtual learning gaps to keep your child on track

Tips for boosting your child’s confidence with math in the virtual classroom

And more!

Changing Landscape of Testing & College Admissions

in the Year of COVID

Wednesday, November 11th
12:15 - 1:00 p.m. EDT

College applications and SAT/ACT testing is a confusing gauntlet that stresses out high school parents every year. Add in a global pandemic and rapidly changing requirements, and it’s nearly impossible to know what your child truly needs to do–until now. Join our upcoming webinar to hear Ann Dolin shed light on this confusing process and reveal:

How COVID has changed college admissions and testing in 2020 and beyond

The biggest factors that now determine whether a student will be admitted to their dream school

Practical tips for strong college essays that stand out

The difference between test optional and test blind (and why it matters)

How to know if and when your child should prep for the ACT/SAT—or if they should skip the tests altogether

How to best support students in each year of high school

With clear next steps and updated advice, you’ll feel confident in the best way to support your high schooler throughout this year—and beyond. We can’t wait to see you there!