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If you’re like most parents, the role of ‘homeschool police’ is not one you want. We’re here to take the stress out of virtual schooling with flexible programs that range from managing every aspect of your child’s homeschooling to expert virtual tutoring on an as-needed basis.

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Virtual Tutoring

There’s no doubt that this school year brings many uncertainties and a whole lot of anxiety to parents and kids. We’re here to help take the burden off your plate and improve your child’s skills, grades and study habits. Using top-notch online video conferencing with interactive white boards and polling for both one-to-one and small group tutoring, our tutors (87% of whom have a master’s degree) make learning so engaging it feels as if they’re in the same room as your child.

In-home Tutoring

Offered as a Premium Service only, in-home tutoring options are limited based on availability and location. While we will strive to accommodate your requests, please understand there may be a significant delay as we look to find the best fit for your student, as well as continuing to follow the COVID safety protocols. In addition, please note there is a $250 non-refundable Placement Search fee required.

Test Preparation

​​Our expert test prep tutors individualize private, online sessions to help students prepare for high-stakes standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, and SSAT.

What our customers are saying...

Debbie W.
Debbie W.
16:47 16 Oct 20
I’ve used EC Tutoring on several occasions over the years for both my son and daughter, most recently for ACT and SAT... prep. They have been great, providing us with tutors who were easy to work with and who helped both of my kids raise their test scores significantly. Currently a senior in high school, my daughter began a test prep tutoring package in late 2019, anticipating taking the ACT in early April 2020. She was all set to take it, and then COVID-19 hit, and her test was cancelled. She re-registered for later test dates – June, then August, then September – all ended up canceled. By the time the end of the summer rolled around, I signed her up for some additional test prep sessions with ECT to help make sure she was up to speed again after the long break. ECT matched her with Suin – a total go-getter of a tutor and really sharp. This time around the sessions were virtual, and while I might have been skeptical at first, the virtual sessions were even better than our previous in-person sessions simply because scheduling tutoring time was easier without having to factor in travel time. Shortly after my daughter began prepping for the ACT again, we discovered her August ACT had been cancelled, so she made the switch to prepping for the SAT instead just to broaden her test taking opportunities. Suin was able to quickly identify the strategies my daughter would need to adopt in order to do well on the SAT. My daughter just took her first real SAT in September and raised her SAT score 200 points compared to both a mock SAT she had taken in 2019 and also a mock test we gave her in August at the start of her SAT prep with Suin. We are beyond thrilled. Her test score is either above or at the top of the middle 50% range for all of the colleges she’s applying to, putting her two reach schools well within her grasp now.ECT and Suin are great, and I highly recommend them more
James Gianiny
James Gianiny
16:32 07 Jul 20
EC was a game-changer for my son. They are hyper-attentive to the individual needs of the student and a great... organization to work with. My son went from failing high school math to a B average. Moreover, he actually looked forward to working with his tutor on a weekly basis, taking a lot of stress off of both of us.We are now using RC for ACT prep and to help across multiple subjects—even the ones where his grades are more
Laura T
Laura T
20:27 03 Mar 20
We have used EC Tutoring for both my high school boys when it was time to prep for the ACT. Both boys had their... composite score go up 4 points. My younger son already had a strong score after taking the ACT for the first time but wanted to improve. EC thought 4 tutoring sessions would be enough and they were right. His score went from a 31 to a 35. I really appreciate that they did not try to oversell us on how many sessions to sign up for. I would highly recommend their more
Eileen Harrity
Eileen Harrity
21:05 03 Feb 20
We started using educational connections for my son. He needed help with his English class. They matched him with the... perfect tutor for his personality and his educational needs.We just started using one of their tutors for SAT prep, unfortunately the first tutor that was paired with my daughter was a terrible match. But after I spoke to them about it, they did not hesitate in getting her a new tutor. The new tutor is a perfect match. Both experiences have been very positive.Would highly more
Olivia Smith
Olivia Smith
07:01 10 Dec 19
The tutoring working with my daughter is knowledgeable and has really established a positive working relationship with... my child. We are really glad to have found Educational Connections tutoring test more
Hilary Kamins
Hilary Kamins
19:56 24 Nov 19
We were so pleased with our SSAT tutor, Barbara! She was extremely pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful in teaching my... son strategies, reviewing math, vocabulary, etc. We highly recommend Educational Connections!read more
Conrad Harrell
Conrad Harrell
20:56 20 Nov 19
I've used these guys for over 10 years and now my 3rd child and am shocked at the consistency of this business --... especially how each tutor continues to be of the highest caliber. If you are looking for really high quality tutors - especially ones that can handle multiple high level subjects - this is the place to go!read more
Vicki Hurlebaus
Vicki Hurlebaus
00:59 26 Sep 19
We were very happy with both of the tutors we used from Educational Connections! Both of my students raised their test... scores significantly after using the high quality tutors that Educational Connections selected for my kids. Each of my kids had different tutoring needs, and EC was able to accommodate their unique requirements in tutoring. I would highly recommend Educational more
William L
William L
19:40 01 Aug 19
The staff at EC Tutoring is exceptional. My son was matched with an amazing tutor who fit his personality and learning... style extremely well. Not to mention raised his ACT score dramatically! Loved working with everyone at EC and highly recommend them to anyone for subject tutoring and test prep!read more
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