Problems We Solve

In years of working with parents, we've found ways to solve some of the most difficult, yet common challenges that cause tension and stress in the home. We've found that students fall into one or more of these categories:

Bright but Disorganized

Even the smartest of students can lack the organization and planning skills they need to thrive. Furthermore, their tendency to procrastinate leads to stress, tension, conflict, and excuses. Parents then feel like they’re the homework police.

Subject Struggles

Small gaps in specific subjects can leave students feeling behind and unprepared. Left unchecked, students can feel like the class is getting away from them. Improving foundational skills leads to subject mastery, which in turn boosts confidence and grades.

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Stressed from Studying

Without the right strategies, conscientious students can expend more time and energy than they might need if they worked more efficiently. Improved strategies can improve outcomes and reduce stress at home — freeing up time for kids to be kids.

Unsure About College Tests

Parents and students want the best options when it comes to college, and admissions tests play a major role. With recent changes, families can struggle to determine which test is right for their student, and what they can do to reach their full potential. The right test score can open options that would not otherwise be possible.

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