Executive Function Skills Program for Elementary School Students

Elementary school is a critical time for students to develop foundational executive function (EF) skills, which are the keys to success in school and life!

Executive function coaching for elementary school students

But these skills, including how to stay organized, on task, and meet challenges, often aren’t taught at school.

When a child learns strategies that work for them at school and home, it empowers them and makes a world of difference throughout their K-12 journey and beyond.

You will have more time just to be a parent— with all of the joy and none of the worry and nagging about academics!

3 Steps to Getting Your Child the EF Support They Need

Step 1

Schedule a call to tell us more about what's causing the most stress for you and your child.

Step 2

Meet your match - the handpicked, experienced coach who will help your child.

Step 3

Feel at ease as your child begins building skills to improve confidence and independence.

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Our Early Intervention Program Teaches Students (in Grades 2-6) the Basic Skills for Learning How to Learn

Through a research-based curriculum with a hand-selected coach, your child will be introduced to the core concepts of executive function. These lessons include how to:

  • Follow directions and gain awareness of expected behaviors
  • Set goals and stay on task
  • Manage time and learn how to keep organized
  • Learn how to break assignments into smaller parts
  • Think flexibly and build a growth mindset
  • Focus and strengthen working memory
  • Learn how to cope with strong emotions
  • Monitor their own progress and develop self-reflection skills

Strengthening these skills will ensure better outcomes for your child both in and out of the classroom.

Through our program, your elementary student will develop self-understanding to know which strategies work best as they complete their schoolwork. They will learn to work through challenges independently and reduce stress and anxiety when they feel stuck.

Kids love our program because…

  • Sessions are fun and interactive
  • Our coaches are engaging and friendly
  • They can relate what they’re learning to real-life situations

Parents love our program because...

  • It's based on the latest research, not what we think might work
  • Students are matched with caring and experienced coaches
  • Our sessions are entirely virtual and coordinated around your schedule
  • We customize the curriculum to meet your child's needs
  • Your child will become more aware and able to perform their tasks
  • We provide timely feedback after each session, so you always know what your child is working on
  • Your family’s coach will collaborate with your child’s teacher when appropriate
elementary boy works with executive function coach

Why Our Virtual Sessions are So Successful

Our research-based 15-week program is designed for online sessions. Our curriculum is interactive, and our hand-selected coaches specialize in keeping sessions engaging for young learners.

We have found that 45 minutes is the ideal length for elementary students to remain focused and engaged.

Our one-to-one virtual sessions provide the flexibility families need to work around their busy schedules.

To get started, your child will meet with their coach twice a week for 15 weeks. Each session is 45 minutes long, which provides the consistency your child needs to build these important life skills.

  Program Fee: $2,560

Does My Young Learner Need Executive Function Coaching?

How do I know if my elementary-aged child needs executive function coaching

Is executive function coaching right for your elementary school-aged child? Take this quick quiz by answering "yes" or "no" to the following questions.

Does your child...

  • Regularly struggle to start tasks?
  • Have difficulty focusing and completing tasks?
  • Keep a messy room and a disorganized backpack or desk?
  • Have trouble paying attention?
  • Have difficulty following instructions, especially with many steps?
  • Lose things regularly, from coats to books?

If you answered "yes" to the majority of these questions, you're not alone. But with the right support, your child can master the skills they need to succeed! Contact us today to get started.