One-on-One Tutoring and
Executive Function Coaching Plans

At Educational Connections, we're committed to your child's success by matching them with the best possible tutor to help them achieve their goals and overcome their challenges. And we're committed to your peace of mind with customized, one-to-one virtual tutoring that fits your family's schedule.

Subject Tutoring and Executive Function Coaching Plans


  • 14 hours of one-to-one virtual tutoring or executive function coaching
  • Best for students with one subject need or limited EF support needs.


  • 20 hours of one-to-one virtual tutoring or coaching
    ( + 3 Free Hours)
  • Best for students needing more support over a longer period of time.


  • 40 hours of one-to-one virtual tutoring or coaching
    ( + 9 Free Hours)
  • Best for students needing help with multiple subjects, siblings, or students in need of extensive EF support.

The quality of tutors that Educational Connections provides is unsurpassed. We have used tutors for our three children over the years, some through EC and some that we sourced ourselves. The ones that EC connected us with were the very best. Knowledgeable, skilled, and personable. My son ended his recent EF coaching session by telling me, ‘I think this will change my life.’ Enthusiasm like this from a teenager is well worth the investment.” - Heather F.

Executive Function Skills Program
for Elementary School Students

  • One-on-one executive function coaching for your elementary school-aged child. Two 45 minute sessions per week for 15 weeks.

All subject tutoring and executive function coaching plans include:

  • A skills inventory to determine your child’s skills, abilities, and challenges.
  • Live, online instruction with an expert in whatever subject or focus area they need support.
  • Customized sessions to maximize your child’s success now— and in the future.
  • Practical Executive Function strategies to help your child get organized, overcome obstacles and unlock their motivation.
  • Progress reports after each session, so parents know how their child is advancing, what areas need improvement, and practical strategies to use at home.
  • Our instructor match guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your child’s coach, we will make a better match.

Our son works with two different tutors, one for algebra and one for chemistry. Both are amazing and very easy for him to talk to and engage with. It has helped him immensely. He has gone from scoring a C on assessments to getting 100 on tests. We could not be happier!
- Mary Kathryn N.

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