Virtual Tutoring

Interested in Virtual Tutoring to Engage and Motivate Your Child?

There’s no doubt that this school year brings many uncertainties and a whole lot of anxiety to parents and kids. We’re here to help take the burden off your plate and improve your child’s skills, grades, and study habits. Using top-notch online video conferencing with interactive whiteboards and polling for both one-to-one and small group tutoring, our tutors (87% of whom have a master’s degree) make learning so engaging it feels as if they’re in the same room as your child.

We have the most qualified tutors in the DC area who can customize one-to-one tutoring or work in a small group setting to help your child tap into their strengths and overcome their challenges during this season of virtual or part-time schooling and beyond.

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We provide two unique programs to keep your child on track this fall and make your new role of at-home educator much, much easier.

Option 1: One-to-One Tutoring [Best for K – 12th graders who need more personalized attention, support, and accountability.]

Does your child need more academic support than teachers can provide at this time? We can help! In this program, you’ll receive:

  • A private tutor handpicked to fit your child’s age, personality, and academic needs
  • Convenient, flexible session times that fit your family’s schedule
  • One-on-one attention catered to your child’s most pressing needs
  • Support in any subject and executive functioning skills so your child can develop strong study habits
  • A high level of outside accountability, so you can focus on your work or simply parent with less frustration
  • Online Zoom sessions to keep your family safe (We’ve found students respond extremely well to these private tutoring sessions on Zoom, even if they don’t enjoy their class-wide Zoom sessions!)

Pricing: Between $90-100/hour, depending on your child’s grade. Schedule a free consultation for more information.

Option 2: Small Group Classes [Best for 6th-12th graders who can organize a small group of peers for discounted group tutoring.]
Is your child struggling to work independently but not quite in need of a private tutor? We offer discounted small group tutoring in the form of Small Group Classes. In this program, you’ll receive:

  • Virtual group instruction for a group of up to four students
  • Educational resources that meet standards of learning for Virginia (or your home state)
  • A straightforward plan for strengthening the important skills that form your child’s foundation for upcoming years
  • A core focus on math and language arts to help students review, catch up and get ahead

Pricing: Between $45-75/hour, depending on the number of students in your child’s group. Schedule a free consultation for more information.

Not sure which option is best for you or you’d simply like more information? We can help!