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Interested in Virtual Tutoring to Engage and Motivate Your Child?

We’re here to help take the burden off your plate and improve your child’s skills, grades, and study habits. Using top-notch online video conferencing with interactive whiteboards and polling, our coaches (87% of whom have a master’s degree) make learning so engaging it feels as if they’re in the same room as your child.

Families in D.C., Virginia, and Maryland have benefitted from our highly qualified tutors for nearly 25 years. Now we're proud to offer customized, one-to-one virtual tutoring to students everywhere.

Let our caring and experienced experts help your child tap into their strengths and overcome their challenges!

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Does your child need more academic support than teachers can provide in a group setting?

Educational Connections will help with:

  • A private tutor handpicked to fit your child’s age, personality, and academic needs
  • Convenient, flexible online sessions that fit your family’s schedule
  • One-on-one attention catered to your child’s most pressing needs
  • Support in any subject and executive functioning skills so your child can develop strong study habits
  • A high level of outside accountability so you can focus on your work or simply parent with less frustration
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What Parents are Saying...

We are having a fantastic experience with our coach!
Beth Davis
Beth Davis
My daughter and I are very happy with her tutor. I get detailed session notes with wonderful suggestions that help with home planning.
Craig Merrills
Craig Merrills
My daughter has been using their services for two years now. They have been extremely helpful in getting her focused and learning how to organize her homework and schedule. She has been learning how to study effectively, and the coaches are amazing. She has now had two different coaches and they both are excellent and very caring. I would highly recommend.
Anne Parnell
Anne Parnell
Have been so happy with the thought and organization of tutoring services for our ADHD son. He actually enjoys learning about his special brain and ways he can help himself. His tutor is awesome and has made a quick connection with him. Very happy. And looking forward to good things with start of school.
Educational Connections offers high quality, flexible tutors who really help get the job done. My daughter was able to get substantial help on her Chemistry class with a tutor who made time to work with her twice a day. We wouldn't have been able to finish without him - thanks EC!
Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma
Great educators believing in making the student capable of handling the high school pressure by understanding their own personal skills and capabilities. They work hard to enhance each student’s individual strengths building confidence. Love that!!
Uche Isirimah
Uche Isirimah
I wanted to help prevent the notorious summer slide for my son and daughter in Math and Reading and their tutors did a fantastic job keeping them engaged. Joe, Macie and Peg are the best and I was fortunate to have found this company who provided me with such amazing and talented educators!
Great coaching and tutoring! Helped my kid tremendously by getting them organized and providing so much support!