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A Guide to Private Schools

Ann Dolin's newest book offers key data and 'in-the-field' information about nearly 100 private schools and application processes across the Washington, DC metropolitan area, with a concerted focus on the importance of selecting the right school for each individual child's learning style.

Homework Made Simplebook-graphic-award

This book is for any parent who has ever experienced stress, self-doubt, and anxiety over their child's homework. Ann Dolin reveals the core problems that commonly lead to homework stress. She identifies six key student profiles: Disorganization, Rushing, Procrastination, Avoidance, Inattention, and Frustration and provides tips and strategies to deal with each type.

6 Tips For Smoother At-Home Learning

In this ebook, Ann Dolin compiled some of her top tips for at-home learning. Read on to discover practical strategies that can help you not just survive but thrive this school year—and remember, you're never in this alone!

Getting Past Procrastination

How to Get Your Kids Organized, Focused, and Motivated… Without Being the Bad Guy

Like any good parent, you want your child to succeed. The problem is, otherwise smart and capable kids frequently find themselves stuck in a tumultuous, never-ending struggle with procrastination, motivation, and staying organized.

In her latest book, Ann Dolin gives us a practical guide that cuts to the root of the issue: procrastination isn’t a character flaw, instead it is behavior that you and your child can address and improve.

In Getting Past Procrastination you’ll discover:

  • The hidden emotional causes of procrastination
  • How to put good behavior on autopilot using the power of habit
  • The Organizational Arsenal: Tools and strategies to keep even the most scattered kids on track
  • 16+ word-for-kids scripts to spark motivation, address problems, and communicate with your child without being the “bad guy”


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