6 Tips for Smoother At-Home Learning

Choosing to homeschool is one thing. You can research curriculums, check out homeschooling groups, and take time to figure out a system that works for you. But getting thrown into at-home learning is a completely different challenge altogether.

You may find yourself balancing your own full-time job with your children's educational needs. You may struggle to keep an easily distracted child engaged and on task. You may feel like your best efforts to help your child just blow up in your face as every suggestion prompts a fight.

If you're dreading this school year, please know I see you, I hear you, and I understand. But I also want to extend some hope. There are proven, practical strategies you can apply to make at-home learning go much more smoothly than it did in the spring—even if you never would've chosen this for your family, even if your child is easily distracted, and even if you're dreading this year.

- Ann K. Dolin, M.Ed.