Summer Tutoring and Executive Function Coaching 2022

Summer tutoring one to one sessions

Our summer sessions are one-to-one with a fully customized curriculum to help your child close any academic gaps or learn new skills to get ahead.

We make our sessions fun, flexible, and weave executive function skill-building into everything we do. 

Research shows kids regress if they don’t practice academic skills during the summer months. And after two years of Covid-related learning disruptions, many students are already struggling to keep up.

What your child does this summer could be essential to their progress next school year and beyond.

summer confidence boosting programs

All of our summer tutoring and executive function coaching sessions include:

✔ A skills assessment to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses in that subject

✔ A personalized learning plan to help with problem areas and jumpstart learning for the next grade

Flexible scheduling. You can set up your child's virtual sessions around your vacation or camp schedule. Pick the days and times that work best for you!

✔ Time management, organization, and study skills support

✔ Timely feedback after each session so you know what your child is working on and how they’re progressing

✔ Consistency with a caring and highly qualified tutor or coach (86% hold Master's degrees)

Let us customize a program for your child or choose from one of the one-on-one program options below.

elementary summer tutoring and EF coaching

Our educational experts are here to discuss one of these personalized summer programs or something else tailored to your elementary student's specific needs. Please click below and pick a time that works for you.

middle and high school summer tutoring and EF coaching

Our educational experts are here to discuss the right personalized learning program for your middle school student or high school student. Please click below and pick a time that works for you.

Explore our Summer Tutoring and Executive Function Coaching Packages

How often would you like for your child to meet with their tutor or EF coach this summer? Here are our package options:

Summer Packages for 2022

TUTOR WITH A FRIEND THIS SUMMER. You can add a friend (or sibling!) to our 8-hour summer package for an additional 50%. Click HERE to discuss setting up your child's custom summer learning plan.

college consulting summer programs

Please click below to schedule a time to chat about your child's collegiate goals and how we can help them stand out among the competition.

Is your child planning to take the SAT or ACT this summer or fall? We take score increases seriously and believe that with our customized sessions and teaching strategies, any student can improve. We invite you to click here to learn about our test prep programs.