We're Here to Help Make Daily Life Easier
and Parenting More Effective

We understand how important it is for you to build a strong connection with your child, and that's what our experienced Parent Coaches specialize in!

We know how hectic life is and understand it’s not always easy to keep everything together.

Parent Coaching at Educational Connections

Our parent program is a research-based service for families who sign up for or are currently on our Skills or Master plans.

It’s designed to enhance and maximize the impact of your child's EF coaching or tutoring while reducing a whole lot of academic-related stress in the process. 

During each virtual session, you will focus on the areas causing the most school-related tension in your household and learn practical strategies to:

  • Set up routines and structure so you can fully support your child’s academic success and EF development with their coach

  • Use the right communication skills so you can ask powerful questions rather than telling your child what to do, so that you may have positive conversations with your child around academics

  • Increase resiliency and motivation even when kids seem anxious and disconnected

  • Create sustainable solutions that evolve with your child’s executive function development and academic progress

  • Avoid serving as the “homework police” to preserve your relationship with your child and achieve family harmony

*Our Parent Coaching program is offered in conjunction with our Skills and Master plans for tutoring and executive function coaching.

3 Steps to Getting the Support You Need

Step 1

Schedule a call and tell us what's causing the most stress.

Step 2

Meet your parent coach (online) twice a month.

Step 3

Enjoy a more peaceful household.