AP Exam Prep

Studying for an AP exam can be a daunting task. The tests are long, in-depth, and cover a year’s worth of material. Especially as “spring fever” sets in, your child may be tempted to study a few times here and there or cram at the last minute, then wing it on test day.

4 Good Reasons to Study for AP Exams

1) High AP Scores Could Help Your Child Get Into College

The college admissions process is increasingly competitive. The scores your child earns on his or her AP Exams could add another data point for admissions officers to consider.

This could hold importance in a student’s area of interest. For example, a 4 or 5 in AP Biology could benefit a pre-med student's application, and a high score in AP Physics could enhance an engineering major's application.

2) You'll Save Thousands of Dollars

You probably already know that earning a high score on an AP exam can give your child college credit, but have you thought about the amount of money it could save your family?

For example, at the University of Virginia, in-state students spend an average of $515-900 per credit hour. Passing just one AP Exam allows a student to test out of a 3-credit class, saving you between $1,545 and $2,700! At an out-of-state university or private college, the savings can be even higher.

3) They'll Be Done With That Frustrating Subject

If your child dislikes the subject of their AP course and doesn’t plan to use it in their career, they have another compelling reason to study hard. If they don’t pass, they’ll likely have to take a similar course all over again just to fulfill general education requirements in college.

4) They’ll Have More Opportunities in College

The more credits a student can get through AP exams, the fewer requirements they’ll have to fulfill in college. This frees up their schedule to double major, complete an internship, hold a part-time job, take classes that sound interesting, or even graduate early!

College is an exciting time to explore, learn, and prepare for the future. Passing AP exams now will give your child more opportunities later.

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Our 3-Step Approach to Help Students Ace AP Exams

Step 1: Get an AP Coach

We’ll start with a free consultation to learn more about your child’s needs. We’ll then match him or her with their ideal AP Coach based on their course material, schedule, and learning style.

Step 2: Receive Individualized Instruction

The AP Coach will provide one-on-one, virtual tutoring to help your child review the material, practice timed writing, and prepare for the unique style of their upcoming AP Exam.

Step 3: Create a Study Guide

Your child's AP Coach will help identify what’s important from each unit. Your child will then create a study guide and plan, so they know exactly what they need to do to prepare.

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