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EC Cares represents Educational Connections' commitment to the community.

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The mission of Educational Connections is to help families enhance their child’s school experience by providing the support necessary to improve grades and test scores, manage executive function issues, provide a roadmap to the college of their choice, and coaching to ensure college success. By furnishing parents with information and their children with a framework in which they can succeed, family dynamics can also flourish.

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Educational Connections was born out of Ann Dolin’s desire as a school teacher to help struggling students with their homework. Twenty-six years later, Ann and Educational Connections are a fixture in the educational and ADHD communities and are devoted to helping all children succeed as they navigate their academic journey.

Through EC Cares, Ann and her team regularly give back to the community by providing webinars for parents, staff development workshops for educators and other professionals, tutoring scholarships, informative blogs, and other resources.

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