College Consulting for Students with ADHD

There are many moving parts in the college admissions process. This includes schools to research, essays to write, deadlines to meet, and the list goes on. For students with ADHD and poor executive function skills, the entire process can feel overwhelming. 

Our one-to-one college consultants are experienced in helping students with ADHD reach their collegiate goals each step of the way. In our program, your child will learn how to:

  • Find “right fit” colleges based on their personality, goals, and academic strengths and needs

  • Understand the differences between high school accommodations and college accommodations and which schools offer the best level of support for your child (not all colleges offer all accommodations)

  • Stay organized throughout the long, complicated college application process by breaking it all down into manageable steps

  • Navigate the standardized testing procedures with the SAT and ACT in order to get the accommodations needed

  • Properly register to ensure that accommodations will be given in the college environment (what documentation is needed, when/how to approach disability offices)
ADHD college consulting

Your child's one-on-one college consultant will also help with:

  • Creating a well-balanced list of target, reach, and safety schools

  • Planning ahead throughout high school to ensure their future applications will stand out

  • Academic course selection in high school

  • Guidance on extracurriculars and community involvement

  • And so much more!

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We invite you to speak to our education experts about all the ways our experienced one-to-one college consultants can help your ADHD child stay motivated, organized, and on track throughout the college application process.