Writing Coaching

Our Writing Coaching Difference

At Educational Connections, we offer more than just a writing tutor – every student benefits from working with a dedicated, highly qualified coach to help bridge the gap between subject mastery and the skills essential for them to thrive academically.

The first step in each of our coaching programs is to have you speak with one of our program managers to assess your student’s unique needs around not just particular subject matter, but also any potential executive function skills that would benefit them. This program manager will stay with your family throughout your student’s journey.

Next, your program manager will hand-select the coach best suited to your child’s needs and personality. The coach will engage in virtual instruction focused on knowledge review and executive functions skills as dictated by the student’s needs and plan.

Throughout the coaching process, parents will receive progress reports after each session, letting them know what their child has worked on and what has been assigned for homework.

Virtual One-on-One Tutoring

The writing process can be an overwhelming task for many students. While they may have good ideas and the ability to share them verbally, they struggle to put those ideas onto paper because they may lack critical thinking skills, have difficulty understanding basic rules of organization and structure, and have trouble writing in a timed environment. In some cases, the problem lies in producing neat, expressive written work. These challenges can result in a tremendous amount of frustration, a lack of confidence, and even a downright unwillingness to write.

We empathize with the stress writing challenges can pose for both students and their parents, and we go the extra mile to provide the motivation, support, and strategies to help students become successful writers. Our recipe for success begins with a team of highly credentialed writing tutors who are invested in helping every student succeed. Educational Connections tutors are hand-picked and trained to create the most customized tutoring experiences available anywhere by focusing on each student’s specific learning style, needs, and personality.

Our one-to-one, virtual writing tutoring program is based upon progressive, evidence-based strategies that lead to “breakthrough” moments for students. These strategies center on several key elements including:

  • the development and organization of ideas through graphic organizers, webs, and color-coded outlines and systems;
  • the components of a good sentence, paragraph, and essay writing;
  • the rules of grammar and punctuation;
  • an awareness of spelling, capitalization, and mechanics;
  • proofreading techniques; and
  • research skills, including the location of sources, draft writing, and source documentation.
Teenage boy wearing headphones works at desk in his bedroom

Unlike tutoring services that offer a one-size-fits-all solution to address a child’s writing challenges, Educational Connections considers the individual writing strengths and weaknesses of each child and is designed to help students of all ages — from kindergarten straight through college. As subject matter experts, our tutors are proficient in helping students develop skills across all levels of instruction. Examples include:

  • generating single-idea and patterned sentences;
  • incorporating descriptive language, imagery, and complex sentence structure to enhance ideas,
  • crafting more detailed, complex, sophisticated writing projects,
  • developing executive function skills needed to plan out, draft, and complete writing assignments.

Additionally, our innovative, parent-focused software was devised to provide beneficial feedback to help you keep up-to-speed on your child’s progress and provide you with ways you can support continuing gains.

Effective writing is a vital skill that is required not only for success in the academic arena but also in life. If your child is experiencing challenges with writing, Educational Connections can address his or her specific needs and create a customized plan that will not only lead to better results in less time than other tutoring programs available but, ultimately, less stress for your child and you.