Executive Function Coaching for Middle and High School Students with ADHD

Master Important Skills for School and Beyond

"I can't believe it's 8:00, and you haven't even started your homework yet!"

"You have a project due tomorrow! What are you doing in here? That's it--we're taking your phone!"

"You're never going to pull that grade up if you can't sit down to study for more than five minutes at a time!"

Sound familiar? Having a child who constantly loses track of assignments and deadlines is frustrating--but you're not alone.

Children aren't born with the executive function skills they need to succeed. Strategies for time management, organization, and studying must be learned, just like times tables and grammar rules.

When a student with ADHD discovers a system that works for them, it can make a world of difference. In fact, we've found that organization is the #1 differentiator between students who excel and students who underperform in school.

And oftentimes, ADHD is co-morbid with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). These students can use some extra support and reminders to make sure they're keeping up with their responsibilities. Our executive functions coaches are well equipped to help. They're here to help your child with ASD create a solid routine and structure throughout the day, so they can thrive and achieve their daily goals.

Our one-to-one, fully customized lessons for your child include strategies for:

  • Goal Setting: Understanding the Big Picture and Breaking it Down 
  • Cognitive Flexibility: Shifting and Flexible Thinking 
  • Organizing and Prioritizing: Materials and Time 
  • Organizing and Prioritizing: Information and Ideas 
  • Remembering: Accessing Working Memory 
  • Self-monitoring and Checking

3 Step Approach to Getting Your Child the Support They Need


Step 1

Schedule a call and tell us what's causing the most stress for you and your child.


Step 2

Meet the handpicked executive function coach who will support your child.


Step 3

Feel at ease as your child learns to manage their work and schedule without you.

What is Executive Function Coaching?

Our Executive Function Coaching for ADHD is a unique, research-based program to help your child master the skills they need to succeed in school and life. In this program, your child will learn how to get organized, manage their time well, study effectively, and stay motivated.

Parents love our program because...

  • It's based on the latest research, not what we think might work.
  • Students are matched with experienced coaches who are carefully selected from our already exclusive tutor pool. They are then trained to pass on their excellent communication, organization, and prioritization skills to your child.
  • Our coaches follow an established program for executive function skills which goes far beyond simply helping students with homework.
  • We customize the program to meet your child's needs, even if that means texting your child on our days off to check in and keep them on track (so you never have to be the homework police again!).

"Educational Connections has been an amazing resource. It is wonderful as a parent to not create conflict at homework time." 

- Carolyn B., Parent

"My son's executive function coach is knowledgeable and experienced at working with youth who struggle with ADHD. She's done an incredible job building rapport with him and balancing supporting and pushing him to complete the work he wants to do." 

- Shayna H., Parent

"We have been very happy with the coach who is working with our son. She is able to get him to open up and talk through the mountains of work he has in a way that he will not do with us." 

- Google review from Parent

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Does My Child Need Executive Function Coaching?

Are you wondering if executive function coaching is right for your child? Take this quick quiz by answering "yes" or "no" to the following questions.

Does your child...

  • Regularly struggle to start tasks?
  • Keep a messy room and a disorganized backpack, locker, or desk?
  • Have difficulty following instructions, especially with many steps?
  • Fail to complete assignments unless he or she is constantly reminded?
  • Forget to turn in homework even when it's completed?
  • Lose things regularly, from coats to books?
  • Have difficulty planning long-term assignments?

If you answered "yes" to the majority of these questions, you're not alone. But with the right support, your child can master the skills they need to succeed! Contact us today to get started.

"The Educational Connections team is fantastic...I look forward to leveraging the tutors to help my son's transition to learning about how to stay organized, take notes, and more once school starts." -Google Review from Jennifer Dalton

Our coaches structure every session around four steps to empower your child to practice self-reflection, build a toolkit of strategies that work for them, and develop effective habits for lasting change.

While each of your child's sessions will be customized based, here is a look at the process our coaches follow in each session:

Step 1: Check the student's upcoming assignments and tests

The coach reviews the student’s homework portal or LMS (Schoology, Canvas, Google Classroom, etc.) with them, not for them. They will review each class and discuss what they'll need to do to prepare for each assignment and test, including what resources they will need and when they'll have time to complete it. The coach will also have the student check to ensure all previous assignments have been turned in.

Step 2: Have students write down upcoming assignments and tests

To help students externalize their school responsibilities and plan ahead, the coach will have your child write down each assignment and test in their planner, on a whiteboard, or in their digital calendar. Your child will learn that planning for a day is too short-sighted, planning for a month is not realistic, but planning out one week at a time is just right.

Step 3: Complete assignments

This step is catered to your child’s particular challenges. The coach will help your child complete a difficult assignment or their most dreaded schoolwork. This part of the session is especially beneficial for students who have difficulties getting started on their own.

Step 4: Reflect and think ahead

Over time, students will build a toolbox of strategies to better troubleshoot issues that have long caused them frustration.

Are You Ready to Enjoy Parenting Again?

Nothing sucks the joy out of parenting faster than arguments over missed deadlines, mediocre grades, and misplaced assignments.

We see you. And we're here to help.

When an Executive Function Coach trains your child in the important skills they need to succeed, you'll finally be free to turn in your "Homework Police" badge and actually look forward to the afternoon with your child once more.

You can ask about their day. Cheer them on when they ace a test. Enjoy a meal without discussing due dates for once. Just be a parent--with all of the joy and none of the nagging. And leave the rest to us!