HSPT Tutoring

Prepare Your Child for the Admissions Test of Top-tier Catholic High Schools

While each Catholic high school in the Diocese of Arlington has its own guidelines for evaluating applicants, each requires students to begin with the High School Placement Test (HSPT).

These high schools consider eighth-graders’ HSPT results for admissions decisions, scholarship selection, and course placement. 

The HSPT is typically offered in December of each year, and students only have one opportunity to take the test. If you want to increase the likelihood of admissions and scholarships for the Catholic high school of your choice, your child must be well-prepared for the HSPT.

The Test and Structure

The HSPT is a standardized, timed test with five sections: verbal, quantitative, reading comprehension, mathematics, and components of written language.

Students have 2 hours and 35 minutes to read and answer the test’s 298 questions. Although students are not penalized for wrong answers, the test is fast-paced, and students need to be prepared to move quickly.

Students receive a composite score of all sections and subscores to reveal student’s strengths in each area. Unlike other tests, the score does not represent the percentage of questions answered correctly but, rather, how the child’s performance compares to the national norm. The comparative nature of the score makes it essential for students to prepare well before test day.

One-to-One Virtual HSPT Prep Tutoring

While HSPT prep is important, it doesn’t need to cause undue stress for your child or your family. Our tutors are specifically trained in HSPT prep and have helped eighth-graders throughout the D.C. area prepare year after year for this test.

Our tutors use interactive virtual tools to provide convenient, safe tutoring for your child. Instruction is three-fold, featuring content review, essential test-taking strategies, and simulated test practice. This approach provides a well-rounded review that can both improve scores and boost confidence.

How Our Program Works

On the HSPT, students aim to perform better than the national average. With that goal in mind, we custom-design our instructional program to fit each student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Step 1

The first step in each of our tutoring programs is to have the student complete a comprehensive diagnostic test. We then customize a test prep program so the tutor can focus on the areas in greatest need of improvement.

Step 2

Next, one of our dedicated Test Prep Specialists hand-selects an HSPT tutor best suited to the student's academic needs and personality. Virtual instruction focuses on knowledge review, test-taking strategies, and practice with actual exams—the three proven ways to boost scores.

Step 3

Throughout the tutoring process, parents will receive progress reports after each session, letting them know what their child has worked on and what has been assigned for homework.

The HSPT is unique from any other test your child has taken, but with only one chance to take it, they need to enter testing day prepared and confident. With our HSPT Tutoring Prep, you can ensure they do exactly that. 

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