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The Support You've Been Looking For

Parenting a student is a challenge, no matter your child's school level (from elementary to college), personality, or aptitude.

  • Maybe your child is bright but disorganized, and you're tired of micromanaging their academic journey.
  • Maybe your child struggles in a particular subject but balks at your efforts to help them along. ("That's not what the teacher said to do, Mom!").
  • Maybe you're worried about the standardized tests and college application process that will soon shape your child's future.
  • Or maybe your child is already performing well yet wants to achieve at an even higher level. (Small improvements make a big difference in competitive academic environments.)

Whatever the case, your frustrations and worries are normal--but that doesn't mean you're stuck with them.

At Educational Connections, we're committed to your child's success by matching them with the best possible tutor to help them achieve their goals and overcome their challenges.

And we're committed to your peace of mind with customized, one-to-one virtual tutoring that fits your family's schedule.

It's our way of saying: We see you. We listen to you. We understand. And we're here to help.

What to Expect

We celebrate that every child learns differently, so you won’t find a one-size-fits-all tutoring solution here.

For more than 25 years, families of over 10,000 students have chosen Educational Connections because we guarantee:

  • Access to the most qualified coaches and tutors. (We hire less than 10% of the tutors who apply with us to ensure we bring you the best of the best. 87% of our tutors even hold a Master's Degree!).
  • Targeted subject support and executive function skills to improve study habits.
  • Customized one-to-one tutoring, executive function coaching, test prep tutoring, and college consulting to help your child tap into their strengths and overcome their challenges.
  • Feedback reports that document your child's progress after every session.
  • Ongoing training keeps our educators up-to-date on the best strategies and most relevant information for students.


3 Easy Steps to the Support Your Child Deserves

Don't lose another day to stressing over whether your child has everything they need to keep up or get ahead. We're here to support your child and family, so you can parent with confidence (and without all the stress).

Step 1

Schedule a call and let us know more about the challenges your child is facing.

Step 2

Meet your match, the tutor or coach handpicked for your child's needs, goals, and personality.

Step 3

Enjoy virtual one-to-one tutoring that empowers your child and restores your peace of mind.

Your satisfaction is very important to us. We stand behind our matching process and guarantee that if you are not happy with your child’s tutor or coach, we will rematch your child.

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What Parents are Saying...

Kimberly Kruse
Kimberly Kruse
erika white
erika white
Beth Davis
Beth Davis
My daughter and I are very happy with her tutor. I get detailed session notes with wonderful suggestions that help with home planning. The spanish tutor helped my son go from risk of failure to an A
Tamara Dubowitz
Tamara Dubowitz
In a few hours my son’s tutor had him on the right path. He scored a 96% on his test following his first two sessions. I am very happy for my son and impressed by the quality of your teachers at Educational Connections.
We’ve been working with a tutor from Education c Connections for a couple years and we think she’s the best Tutor we’ve ever worked with. Previously, we had a tutor from through the school and from another company , and they were not as experienced, professional, or as patient as out tutor from Education Connection. The Tutor is also very funny and nice!
Marianne R
Marianne R
Cailin West
Cailin West
Scott McClean
Scott McClean
Very professional, responsive, flexible, and capable tutoring...excellent service.