Why Choose Us?

The Support You've Been Looking For

Parenting a K-12 student is a challenge, no matter your child's grade level, personality, or aptitude.

  • Maybe your child is bright but disorganized, and you're tired of micromanaging their academic journey.
  • Maybe your child struggles in a particular subject but balks at your efforts to help them along. ("That's not what the teacher said to do, Mom!").
  • Maybe you're worried about the standardized tests and college application process that will soon shape your child's future.
  • Or maybe your child is already performing well yet wants to achieve at an even higher level. (Small improvements make a big difference in competitive academic environments.)

Whatever the case, your frustrations and worries are normal--but that doesn't mean you're stuck with them.

At Educational Connections, we're committed to your child's success by matching them with the best possible tutor to help them achieve their goals and overcome their challenges.

And we're committed to your peace of mind with customized, one-to-one virtual tutoring that fits your family's schedule.

It's our way of saying: We see you. We listen to you. We understand. And we're here to help.

What to Expect

We celebrate that every child learns differently, so you won’t find a one-size-fits-all tutoring solution here.

For the past 25 years, the families of over 10,000 students have chosen Educational Connections for their children because we guarantee:

  • Access to the most qualified tutors. (We hire less than 10% of the tutors who apply with us to ensure we bring you the best of the best. 87% of our tutors even hold a Master's Degree!).
  • Targeted subject support and executive function skills to improve study habits.
  • Customized one-to-one tutoring to help your child tap into their strengths and overcome their challenges.
  • Feedback reports that document your child's progress after every session.
  • Ongoing training keeps our tutors up-to-date on the best strategies and most relevant information for students.

"Our tutor was absolutely terrific! She always came prepared with great material for our daughter and did a wonderful job of keeping her engaged throughout every session. Our daughter would look forward to each appointment and be visibly excited before and after each of her sessions"


The Secret to Our 95% Client Satisfaction Rating

Hiring the best tutors is only the first step to ensuring your family gets the support you need.

We've also designed The Dolin Process, a one-of-a-kind approach to pairing each student with the best tutor for them. Each new student is matched with a qualified tutor based on four important criteria:

  • Skillset and Background— The tutor must be skilled, trained, and experienced in tutoring the subject of strategies your child needs.
  • Personality— The tutor's approach and style should match what you've told us about your child's favorite teachers to ensure a good personality fit.
  • Schedule— The tutor must be able to meet with your child at a time that fits and simplifies your family's schedule

"Henrietta got a combined score of 34. I couldn't be happier with the results. Her tutor really took the time to not only prep her with the actual ACT and its nuances, but provided positive test-taking strategies as well as an extra dose of confidence! We really appreciate all of our tutors' hard work! And your work in obtaining and training such wonderful tutors and people!"

3 Easy Steps to the Support You Deserve

Don't lose another day to stressing over whether your child has everything they need to keep up or get ahead. We're here to support your child and family, so you can parent with confidence (and without all the stress).

Step 1

Schedule a call and let us know more about the challenges your child is facing.

Step 2

Meet your match, the tutor or coach handpicked for your child's needs, goals, and personality.

Step 3

Enjoy virtual one-to-one tutoring that empowers your child and restores your peace of mind.

Your satisfaction is very important to us. We stand behind our matching process and guarantee that if you are not happy with your child’s tutor or coach, we will either replace your tutor or give you your money back.

What Parents are Saying...

Kathryn Koehl
Kathryn Koehl
02:51 22 Feb 23
Our son worked with Educational Connections for both college counseling and SAT prep. Our college counselor, Lisa, was phenomenal to work with throughout the process from the initial college list, to essay writing and supplementals to the actual application submission. Lisa was knowledgeable, patient, encouraging, efficient, professional, dependable and did everything with a positive attitude and a smile. She helped our son identify his strengths and how to showcase those to colleges. She truly brought the best out of our son and made a grueling process so much easier for all of us!Our son also did SAT prep with Pete and he was very helpful in identifying areas for improvement and worked on those areas consistently over 12 weeks. Pete was easy to work with, great with answering questions and knew all the best test taking techniques. Our son improved his score by 100 points and couldn't be happier!Both Lisa and Pete were an integral part of our college process and we are so happy we decided to work with Educational Connections. We're happy to report that our son got into his dream school and is so excited for next Fall!
00:28 16 Mar 23
We have used Education Connections for math tutoring for my son. The tutor has been such a help! In addition, we are using them for one-on-one SAT tutoring and that is going really well. Educational Connections is easy to work with and they have quality instructors!
Julie Bozzell
Julie Bozzell
18:35 12 Mar 23
We've worked with Educational Connections for years and really can't thank them enough for their support for various subjects, executive skill development support, college coaching, and seminars for parents too. Calling them was one of the best decisions I've made as a parent.
Elizabeth Davis
Elizabeth Davis
17:42 08 Mar 23
My son's progress with Educational Connections has changed the trajectory of his life for the better! His tutor Jan has patiently found ways to teach him effectively and support his unique learning needs. My child went from being multiple grade levels behind to being on grade level in math. He is now above grade level in reading comprehension, and I marvel at how he can communicate thoughtful ideas using his writing strategies. The executive functioning instruction and support from Educational Connections allow my son to stay organized, initiate tasks, problem-solve and persevere.Words cannot express my gratitude for my child's growth with Educational Connections!
Elissa Beerbohm
Elissa Beerbohm
03:40 03 Mar 23
Julie Wendt
Julie Wendt
18:01 24 Feb 23
Everyone at EC has shown great care and competence in helping us get support for our son. We are using a skills support tutor, Emma, who is amazing and has changed the stress levels in our house tremendously as she teaches our son how to get organized, think ahead, and use tools to keep all his commitments in one place. We no longer have to spend the little bit of time we see our teenager talking about the tasks that he has or has not done! We liked them so much we decided to get their help for SAT prep as well and our tutor is highly skilled at the content that needs to be taught as well as the strategies that will help for this particular test. He has a calm approach and explains concepts in easily understood terms. Our son has already seen a big improvement with just a few weeks of working with John.
heather west
heather west
18:57 01 Feb 23
Sara Sergio
Sara Sergio
17:21 01 Feb 23
This organization is very professional, very quick to respond, and very helpful. I wish I found them at the beginning of my son's high school years, but they are helping us get through the end and probably into his college years.