Digital SAT debuts in March

Digital SAT: What You Need to Know About the New Test

The SAT just went through its biggest transformation yet as it moved from paper and pencil to an all-digital format. 

So what does this move mean for students and for parents who want to help their children succeed? Get answers from the author of Barron’s Digital SAT Study Guide.

ACT and SAT Tests and Test-Optional Admissions in 2024

Test-Optional Insights: Understanding the Impact of the SAT and ACT on College Admissions in 2024

Some college and universities that previously adopted a Test-Optional policy during the COVID-era are reassessing their stance. Many are now placing renewed emphasis on SAT and ACT scores, recognizing the limitations of relying solely on grades.

In this blog, we discuss the evolving college admissions landscape with the Director of Outreach at the National Test Prep Association.

campus tours and other summer activities to impress colleges

10 Essential Summer Activities for College-Bound Teens

Your child can use this summer as an opportunity to help their future college applications stand out. In fact, summer break is the perfect time for high schoolers to prep for college, explore possible career interests, and demonstrate they are creative and motivated to work hard and go after goals. In this blog, we will explore ten summer activities to impress colleges and ensure future college applications will stand out.

webinar and does the PSAT count

Does The PSAT Count? Here’s What you Need to Know

We regularly get asked by parents of high school juniors and sophomores, “Does the PSAT Count?” Here’s everything you need to know about this annual practice test for the SAT.

Plus, you’re invited to our free PSAT webinar. Click for registration details and join us on October 3, 2022. We can’t wait to see you there!