3 Changes to the ACT That Could Help Students Succeed

​If the SAT/ACT is on the horizon for you or your child, you may want to know about somerecently announced changes to the ACT. Read on to learn about these three changes and how they could help students succeed in showcasing their full potential to colleges and universities.#1: Online Testing Allows for Faster Turnaround in … Read more

Test Prep Timeline: April 2019

We’re just about wrapped up on SAT/ACT season for the spring; however, there are still a few final opportunities to register for a second or third test if you’re not happy with your scores. Here’s what’s available: SAT Option 1: May 4,2019 (late registration deadline is April 24th) SAT Option 2: June 1, 2019 (registration … Read more

Test Prep Timeline: March 2019

Here’s what you should be thinking about this month. Sophomores should be… You guessed it: continuing to focus on their regular schoolwork. A practice test and some periodic exercises from an SAT or ACT workbook certainly won’t hurt, but now is the time to focus on school. Juniors should be… Just about finished with their … Read more