SAT and ACT Pairing Test Dates

SAT and ACT: Selecting and Pairing Test Dates for Optimal Results

As the college admissions process becomes increasingly competitive, helping your child secure strong test scores on the SAT and ACT can provide a significant advantage.

In this blog, we’ll guide you through the process of strategically selecting and pairing test dates to maximize your child’s performance.

Test Prep FAQs for 2024

Ultimate Digital SAT and ACT Q&A: Your Top 10 Test Prep Questions Answered

From deciphering if one test holds more weight in the eyes of admissions officers to determining the optimal testing strategy for your child, we’ve got you covered!

With years of experience helping students achieve their best scores on both the SAT and ACT, our Test Prep Tutor Pete Pecoraro is here to offer his expertise and insight to your family’s ten most pressing test prep questions.