Get help for math anxiety

Math Anxiety: 7 Steps To Conquer It

When new concepts don’t add up, and math anxiety sets in, students feel stressed, and parents can feel overwhelmed.

Math anxiety can be a real problem for both students and adults. Here’s why it happens and what you can do even if you’re not a math person.

Why math is often misunderstood and how to help your child

Why Math is Often Misunderstood (and How to Prevent Falling Behind at the Start of the New School Year)

As parents, we want to see our children thrive in school, and that includes math class. But math is one of those subjects that students often either love or find incredibly challenging and frustrating.

Since math is often misunderstood, we asked our Math Tutor and Program Manager, Susan Poppiti, J.D., to weigh in on why it’s so important to ensure students who don’t have a strong math foundation at the start of the school year have a support system in place.