review preview technique

Boosting Student Confidence & Understanding: Review & Preview

Whether it’s preparing for finals, tackling outstanding assignments, or gearing up for standardized tests, the fourth quarter presents a window of opportunity for academic growth.

Many students need help to catch up. The review-preview technique is an effective way to help- and the end of the school year and summer are the perfect time to use it.

January is perfect storm for students

January: A Perfect Storm for Students

January is a “perfect storm” for students, so it’s time to start planning now. The work after New Year’s tends to get more challenging and there are lots of tests and projects before the grading period ends.

And it all happens right after a two-week break! Here’s how you can help your child weather the upcoming storm.

Planning ahead and Sunday sessions

Preparing for a Successful School Year and the Power of Sunday Sessions

Strong executive function skills often make all the difference between daily family stress over academics and helping your child become more independent and successful this school year.

In this blog, we asked one of our experienced executive function coaches to weigh in on the type of support kids need to cultivate their executive function skills at the start of the new school year. Plus, learn about the power of Sunday Sessions.