We just finished 3rd quarter… now what?

Fairfax County recently wrapped up the 3rd quarter This week is spring break. And that means this time of year is right about the time where students start to check out, and parents start the 10-week challenge of keeping their kids “with it” enough to close out the year without tailing off. What we recommend, … Read more

High School: Lend a Hand and Listen

Last but not least in our series, we sat down with Yara Alemi, one of our highly-regarded high school student tutors, to tell us how best to tackle the transition back to school after break. (Read our post about Elementary Students Here or Middle School Students Here) What’s hard about January for your high schoolers? Yara: … Read more

When the Subject Struggle is Real…

It’s about this time of year when subject struggles (issues with one or two classes despite good performance elsewhere) start to really set in for kids who have fallen behind. We see this all the time with the students we work with, but I also know from personal experience! Back when I was in school, … Read more