Want to Be Good at Math? Learn Fractions Early

The year was 1991 – you may remember it.  The Cosby Show was the most watched TV show and Duran Duran was topping the charts.  Big hair reigned and so did shoulder pads, penny loafers, and Members Only jackets.  Just thinking about the early ’90s brings a smile to my face, not only because of … Read more

The Debate about Everyday Math

Everyday Math is a curriculum that has sparked considerable debate among parents, educators, and mathematicians. Whether the curriculum is good or bad depends entirely on who you ask. What is Everyday Math? Everyday Math is a pre-k and elementary school math curriculum developed by the University of Chicago’s School Mathematics Project in the early ‘80s. … Read more

What is Singapore Math?

One of the most important statistics used to evaluate the education level of different nations on a global scale is each nation’s math skills. Every few years, the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement gives assessment tests in math and science to approximately 500,000 students from across the world. In 2011, the United … Read more

Why You Should Avoid Doing a lot of Math on the SAT

When I used to tutor SAT prep, it was nails on a chalkboard to me when students said with despair, “I’m just bad at math.” “Right,” I would say. “You’re probably also bad at building bridges, dancing the lead in Swan Lake, and performing open heart surgery. Why? Because you haven’t properly learned and practiced … Read more