The Best Math and Physics Tutor in Northern Virginia!

For a lot of kids, math and physics are the two hardest classes they take in school. The subject matter is complicated and students often feel defeated and unmotivated with the content. But our April Tutor of the Month, Kate Nelson, has helped tons of kids boost their math and physics grades along with their … Read more

How to Solve Word Problems with Pictures

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words “Today, we are going to solve math word problems.” When students hear this from their math teacher, their faces drop, sweat starts to form on their foreheads and they refuse to make eye contact. As a math teacher, I understand. I understand the anxiety and want to make … Read more

Filling Gaps with Math Apps

We all know that math can be a difficult subject for students of all ages, from the early elementary grades to high school.  In fact, Algebra 1 is the most failed class in America!  Luckily, there are a growing number of easy-to-use math apps for the iPad and other mobile devices that make learning math … Read more

Want to Be Good at Math? Learn Fractions Early

The year was 1991 – you may remember it.  The Cosby Show was the most watched TV show and Duran Duran was topping the charts.  Big hair reigned and so did shoulder pads, penny loafers, and Members Only jackets.  Just thinking about the early ’90s brings a smile to my face, not only because of … Read more