Planning Ahead to Pay for College

How to Prepare for the Exorbitant Cost of College

We no longer live in an age where students can subsidize their education with a part-time job, a small loan or scholarship, and a little bit of help from their parents.

So what can you do now to cover your child’s college costs later? In this guest blog by The College Funding Coach, we have tips for parents in the early-stage and late-stage of planning.

creative activities

5 Creative Activities to Help ADHD Students Focus

With so many distractions all around us, it’s often hard for kids to stay focused. But for a child with ADHD, it’s a daily struggle.  Because kids with ADHD are prone to hyperactivity, they may have short attention spans and experience problems with impulse control. All of this can impact their K-12 academic performance. If … Read more

Wilson Reading

What is Wilson Reading?

If your child or anyone you know has been diagnosed with any form of dyslexia, then you may have heard of the Wilson Reading Program.

The post breaks down how the program works and what type of learner will benefit the most from it.