College Admissions During COVID: What Parents Should Know

For years, there have been three significant admissions factors for students applying to selective or competitive colleges.

1. Grades in college prep courses.

3. The strength of curriculum and level of challenge in a student’s course selection. (Did they take AP, IB, or dual enrollment courses?)

3. Admissions test scores on the SAT or ACT.

That’s not to say that the college admissions process was ever stress-free, but the admissions factors were fairly straightforward. This year, of course, COVID continues to throw all of that— much like everything else in our lives— for a loop. 

With so many test-optional colleges now, many parents are rethinking testing requirements or wondering if their child should still prepare for the ACT/SAT.

To offer some clarity on what to expect in an unexpected year, we have a special 4-part series on everything parents should know about college admissions during COVID.

Read them in order, or click a topic below to jump straight to any post that interests you:

To Test or Not to Test: How COVID Affects the SAT and ACT

The First Steps of SAT/ACT Test Prep

SAT/ACT: Picking Test Dates and Prepping

Control What You Can: Admissions Factors to Consider in COVID-19

We know there’s a lot to consider this year, but remember: You’re not in this alone!

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