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ADHD And Math: 3 Struggles and How to Help

I remember in elementary school memorizing my math times tables… what stands out most to be is the “mad minute.” It was a short quiz of 20 multiplication problems and we were given one minute to complete them… and it could probably be defined as the most stressful 60 seconds of my young life! Now, … Read more

Why studying math is so hard? 😫

If you’ve been around Educational Connections for a while, you’ve probably heard me talk about my first encounter with tutoring—and it wasn’t as a tutor. I was a student. It was the summer between fourth and fifth grade, and I simply could not figure out long division. All the steps confused and frustrated me, and I … Read more

Four Tips to Make Learning Math Fun This Summer

Finding that elusive balance between summer learning and summer fun can be tough. Why? We’re all aware of the research – two and a half months of learning loss makes us worried that our child won’t succeed the following school year. On the other hand, we’re fully aware that kids need a break. How can … Read more

Help! Math Is Driving My Child Crazy!

If math isn’t your child’s best subject, then it’s probably no surprise that he may feel  anxious when it comes to learning how to solve problems. Add testing into the mix, and you’ve got a perfect recipe for frustration, anger, and stress when it comes to his feelings toward school. Oftentimes it feels like kids … Read more