3rd Graders Held Back? And Parents Don’t Have A Say? 4 States Are Considering It

Iowa, New Mexico, Tennessee, and Colorado are considering legislation that would make students repeat 3rd grade if they can’t pass state reading exams. This has sparked a debate over whether retaining students actually boosts their achievement or simply increases the odds that they will drop out. From kindergarten through 2nd grade, parents could still insist … Read more

What Obama Said Last Week Could Change Our Classrooms

Have you noticed that so much of the instruction in our kids’ classrooms revolves around getting students to pass state tests? It seems that requisition of facts, and not critical thinking and creativity, is the name of the game. That’s all about to change.   On February 9th, President Obama announced that ten states would … Read more

EC Success Stories: Charlie Rosas

From El Salvador to Stanford   Here at Educational Connections, we’ve been blessed to be a part of the lives of some truly incredible students over the past 14 years. We’ve taught children with disabilities how to read, helped young adults get into colleges they had never dreamed of, and inspired countless students to realize … Read more

The 4 Kinds of “Careless Errors” and How to Fix Them

We get a lot of questions about careless errors from parents, tutors, and students alike. In my experience, these are the four most common careless errors I’ve come across along with some effective, field-tested solutions for you to try:   1) Dropping Negative Signs – This can also mean switching the sign mid problem or … Read more