Learn More in Less Time Podcast

In this episode of the Learning Made Simple Podcast, Educational Connections’ President and Founder, Ann Dolin, M.Ed. will be discussing how kids can learn more in less time. Listen while Ann discusses what study skills are research-proven to be the most effective, how kids can incorporate them into their studying routine, and how students can avoid … Read more

Why Do You Want To Learn?

Here are some of the all time most-used excuses… “I’ll never use that.” “How will this ever help me?” “I don’t care about this!” “Math is boring.” And of course, the eternal…  “Nope, no homework tonight!” The origin of these excuses and all the others like them is found in wanting to learn about a … Read more

Can Eating Candy Make You Stupid?

It just might, according to a UCLA study. Last night kids all over the country went out trick-or-treating and brought home piles of candy. Besides the obvious health issues with eating large quantities of candy like obesity and diabetes, all that sugar may have an impact on your child’s ability to think, something your child’s … Read more

If Our Kids Are More Distracted Than Ever, How Can We As Parents Help?

More than half of American students consistently do homework using some sort of technology such as a laptop or smartphone.  Sometimes they are using these tools to complete their work, but often times, these gadgets are merely a distraction and cause homework to take even longer.  In my last blog, I mentioned the myth of … Read more