SAT and ACT: Summer Test Prep for Rising Juniors and Seniors

Summer is the perfect time to get a jump start on the college admission process.

Summer schedules are more open than during the school year and students can better focus their attention on improving their ACT or SAT test-taking skills when they aren’t worrying about the math test at the end of the week or an English paper due next Tuesday.

In preparation for the fall ACT and SAT, we recommend that rising juniors and seniors take advantage of their summer break to get ready for the tests, a major piece of the college admission puzzle.


girl summer test prep

For rising juniors, the first step may be figuring out whether to take the ACT or SAT. At Educational Connections, we’ve found that about one-third of students prefer or score better on the ACT, one-third prefer or score better on the SAT, and the remaining one-third do not really show much of a propensity toward one test over the other.

Taking full-length practice tests of each test is the best way to determine which test to prepare for. Using a concordance table, we can get a sense for if a student is stronger on one test over the other.

Methodical, logical thinkers tend to do better on the SAT, while quick, content masters tend to perform better on the ACT. We advise selecting either the ACT or the SAT to prep for as the tests are different enough that preparing for both does not optimize a student’s time; however, there are certain scenarios where preparing for both may be advisable.

Focus on Weaknesses During Summer Test Prep

For rising seniors, many will likely take the ACT or SAT for the second or third time this coming fall if their scores are not where they need them to be. Our tutors are trained to focus specifically on a student’s areas for the greatest improvement in order to maximize score gains.

Using a detailed score report from a student’s diagnostic test, we are able to determine everything from particular types of questions a student struggles with to pacing issues.

Improving one’s ACT or SAT scores requires effort and we’ve found that in the summer many students aren’t feeling burnout from academic demands and are therefore more productive in their test prep programs.

Register today for a virtual mock ACT and/or SAT test. Once we have the test(s) scored, our test prep program manager will be able to advise you on the best course of action for your child.