Is Your Child Ready for Next Year?


It’s a difficult time to be a parent of a K-12 student. From virtual learning to online tests and even virtual college campus tours, you’ve been there through it all and it’s almost the time you have been waiting for: summer. However, it’s hard to ignore the feeling that your kids may not be ready for the next school year.

On one hand, kids have just walked through a highly and extremely challenging year with little or no face-to-face time with teachers. Many are falling behind where they need to be and will affect the rest of their educational journey.

On the other hand, kids (and parents!) are just plain burned out. You’ve done all the homeschool hacks, the Zoom classes, the virtual events, and you desperately want a break from it all. We get that too and we hear you. This past school year has not been easy for anyone.

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We feel the tension, too, so we’re taking a very intentional approach to our summer tutoring programs. Each program will be fun and engaging for “zoomed-out” kids, low-key and stress-free for overworked parents, and completely personalized to meet your child right where they are.

Read more to discover three ways we’re here to serve your family this summer, or click below to get started with a free consultation.

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 #1: We Can Assess Where Your Child Is

It is almost impossible to know with complete confidence where your child stands academically at this point. Maybe they had no one-on-one time with a teacher all year or couldn’t focus during zoom classes. Maybe their school relaxed the grading system and you’re not exactly sure what they’ve mastered.

Whatever the case, we’re offering assessments to help you know with full confidence how ready your child is for next year. Once we measure where your child stands, a tutor can work one-on-one with them to fill any gaps in their learning and boost their confidence in challenging subjects. It’s a simple, stress-free way to identify where your child is and get them where they need to be.

#2: We Can Handle the “Review and Preview”

After a long year of making sure they were on every video call and completing every virtual assignment, take a few months to simply enjoy your child again. Let us handle the necessary work of reviewing last year’s standards and previewing next year’s material. 

For younger students, we offer subject tutors to help them catch up and regain confidence. For older students, we have writing coaches, AP tutors, and college application coaches to help your high schooler conquer the big “next steps” between here and college.

#3: We Can Boost Their Executive Functioning Skills

Executive functioning refers to the softer skills kids need to learn in order to succeed in school and life. Think organization, time management, and task prioritization. Summer is the perfect time to practice those skills, and we make sure kids have fun doing it!

If your child has summer assignments, we can build their executive functioning toolkit around completing those. (Giving you one less thing to worry about!) If not, we can help your child dream up some creative science projects to practice breaking down big tasks, tracking their progress, and meeting deadlines—all while discovering that learning really can be fun!

Support for Every Student

This is not the summer for one-size-fits-all tutoring packages. We’re offering a wide range of options to help your child get the exact support they need to prepare for the next school year. These will include:

No matter where your child stands today, we’re here to ensure this summer provides both the personalized review and refreshing break they need most while being ready for next year.

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In over 20 years of business, we’ve never seen kids more in need of one-on-one attention over the summer. (And after the year we’ve had, who could blame them?)

We’re here to make it easy for you to form a plan and ensure everyone in your family starts next year rested, prepared, and confident. Just click here to get started with a free consultation. We’re here for you!