Is Your Child Ready for Next Year?

Summer Learning Solutions

Students have just walked through another highly challenging year filled with pandemic-related learning disruptions. Many are falling behind and simply aren’t ready for next year. On the other hand, your whole family is likely feeling burned out. You desperately want a break from it all.

We get it. That’s why our summer tutoring programs offer summer learning solutions to bring the balance your family needs. Each program is fun, engaging, and stress-free for kids and overworked parents. Scroll down to learn more and get started with a free consultation.

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3 Summer Priorities After Another Trying Year

We’ve never seen students more in need of summer support—or more burned out on school. And who could blame them? That’s why we’re focusing in on providing only the programs kids need most, then pouring our hearts into making each session the highlight of your child’s week.


Know exactly where your child stands after three unconventional school years. Our experienced tutors can measure your child’s progress against standards of learning.                                                                                           

Subject Tutoring

Take off that homeschool hat and pass the critical “review and preview” work on to us. You focus on enjoying summer as a family, and we’ll be the ones to keep your child on track, teaching executive function strategies along the way.

Executive Function Coaching

Give your student the skills they need to succeed next year and beyond.

We’ll use summer assignments or creative projects to instill and develop independent study skills.

Personalized Support for Every Student

This is not the summer for one-size-fits-all tutoring packages. Your child deserves personalized attention, and each of our tutors will offer exactly that. Offerings are flexible to fit your family’s needs and may include:

summer support for every student

✓ K-8 Assessments - Our tutors will provide informal reading and math assessments to measure your child’s current level based on the standards of learning. Learn where your child stands at the end of this year to ensure they’re ready for the next grade level.

✓ High School Assessments - We can offer informal subject-specific assessments based on the classes your child took this year. Experienced tutors can also assess their writing to measure mastery of thought organization, word choice and fluency, voice, and writing mechanics.

✓ Elementary Executive Functioning - Nurture independence in your young learner with executive functioning coaching that’s as fun as it is valuable. We’ll use your child’s summer assignments or dream up creative science projects to teach the skills needed for task management, time management, organization, and more.

✓ Writing-based Executive Functioning - No matter what your middle or high schooler’s aspirations may be, strong writing skills will help them get there. We’ll help strengthen those critical skills while teaching your child to plan, break down, track, and complete bigger projects so they can succeed next year and for years to come.

The Educational Connections Difference

There’s a reason families of over 10,000 students have trusted us with their children’s education over the past 20 years. 

Highly Qualified Tutors

We believe in being choosy when it comes to your child. 87% of our tutors hold a Master’s Degree.

Convenient Virtual Tutoring

You don’t need one more reason to sit in traffic. We offer virtual one-to-one tutoring in the comfort of your home.

One-to-One Sessions

It's hard for students to always get the attention they need in class. We provide the one-to-one support they’re craving.

The First Step Is Simple

Whether you’re just exploring your options or eager to get a plan in place for your child, the first step is simple: Let’s have a conversation. Just book a free consultation below so we can get to know you and your family. Then, we can help you identify the best next steps to ensure everyone in your family starts next year rested, prepared, and confident. We’re here for you!