Webinar: Does The PSAT Count? Here’s what you need to know

by / Tuesday, 06 June 2017 / Published in SAT

All the time we get asked by parents of high school sophomores and juniors:

“Do we need to pay attention to the PSAT?”

And the answer is… it depends.

Now it is true that your score won’t be seen or count towards college admissions, but there are a few reasons why you may not want to give it a pass.

The PSAT is an opportunity to:

  • Prepare for the actual SAT and get direct feedback on where you need to improve before you do
  • Get used to the test format and the test environment
  • Get put into consideration for the National Merit Scholarship

So in that light, we decided to put together a free webinar this coming June 15th, hosted by Ann Dolin, M.Ed., to help you sort out how to best take advantage of the PSAT.

In the webinar with Ann you’ll learn:

  • When should my child take the PSAT (and why)?
  • Who sees the scores once they take it, and do they count for anything?
  • What’s the National Merit Scholarship and does my child have a chance?
  • Should you prepare for the PSAT, and how do the scores translate to performance on the actual SAT?

To register for the June 15th webinar (held from 12:15 to 1pm eastern), just click the link below and enter your name and contact information.

We’ll email you with a link and the confirmation details so you can easily join in on the 15th.

See you in the webinar!

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