Meet the Tutor: Tyson Beggs, M.Ed., Ed.S.

Tyson Beggs
Tyson Beggs, M.Ed.
Math Tutor at Educational Connections

We are pleased to introduce you to Educational Connections Math Tutor Tyson Beggs, our featured tutor of the month for September!

What is your background?

I have taught high school math for 15 years and was an elementary principal for two years. I have taught and tutored students in all levels of math, from Algebra to AP Calculus. 

How do you help your students stay organized and plan ahead?

I help my students stay organized and plan ahead by looking at each unit and making a calendar of the important dates within the unit. It is very important to know when you will be assessed on content so that you can properly study for that assessment. I also help students organize their notes by teaching them note-taking strategies and then teaching them how to study from their notes.

What’s one of your favorite math study strategies you like to use during your sessions?

When I am working with a student, I like to use interactive activities to help the student study. Math is not always a student’s favorite class, so I try to incorporate things that a student may enjoy. I use a lot of different types of technology and will cater my sessions to the needs of that student. 

How do you inspire confidence and help motivate your students?

Positive reinforcement is a must. If a student has reached out for a tutor, they are most likely struggling already and need their confidence built up. I use a lot of positive reinforcement with my students, even when they do not get the correct answer.

What’s one of your favorite math tutoring success stories?

Every story is unique, and every student is unique. Over the past year, I have helped several students, and each student has their own story of success!

The story that I am most proud of is about a high school student who was nearly failing when they reached out. We started in January, and by the end of the school year, the student had raised their grade to a B+. The coolest part of the story is the student had no confidence to start, and by the end of our sessions, this student would lead many of our discussions. Huge improvements because the student took ownership of their learning!

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