Chapter Tests: How to Get Ready the Right Way

If your child didn’t get the grade they thought they should the first time around, here are a few things to work on to get ready the “right” way as we head towards the holiday breaks.

Tip 1: Put Studying Before Homework

It’s not uncommon for students to put off studying because it’s not really a task they have to do.

With homework, on the other hand, there’s more immediate accountability, so it tends to garner most of the focus on weekdays.

An easy fix to make sure your child gets the study time in, is to have them set a timer for 20 minutes and study before starting any homework.

Simply reversing the order of tasks ensures that studying is at least started (and often completed) prior to digging into the actual homework.

Tip 2: Use Study Guides Actively

According to research published in Education Week, 84 percent of students prepare for tests by rereading the class materials.

The problem is that highlighting, underlining, and rereading material doesn’t help with recalling information on an exam.

Instead, if their teacher provides a study guide, have them make three copies that hide the answers to the questions. Then on a different night each week, run through and fill in the blanks.

If a study guide isn’t provided, have them create their own practice test. They can do this using software like Quizlet to create flashcards using examples from class or questions from the textbook.

Do these two things and your child will be well on their way to earning the grade they’re looking for on their tests, the first time around.

For more test-taking tips, check out the rest of our How to Ace A Test post.

Or if your child is struggling with test taking or a specific subject, our hand-selected subject tutors can help improve their confidence, grades, and understanding of the material.

This is even the case for the most motivated and diligent students we see who for some reason have inconsistent test and quiz scores, and routinely stress out about schoolwork despite the time they put in.

Our tutors help students like this get comfortable with learning again and build confidence through effective study strategies and prioritization skills.

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