Private Schools: Help in Picking the Right One

I was excited to be featured in Sunday’s education edition of the Washington Post Magazine!

Ann DolinFor many parents, deciding whether private school is right for their child and which schools to apply to is overwhelming. A new book, “A Guide to Private Schools: The Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland Edition”, can help.

The book, by Ann Dolin, who founded the tutoring company Educational Connections, offers strategies and advice on applications, interviewing, ideas from parents and kids, and a detailed guide to the Washington region’s private schools.

I have worked with hundreds of students in the D.C. area to help them and their families in the search for the right private school. When I first meet with families, often they are considering schools by one simple factor: reputation. It is understandable. Ultimately, parents are preparing their children for the future, and parents want to ensure their child has access to the “best” school. However, there is an important distinction between “best” and “best fit.” In determining which schools are a fit, families should consider factors such as class size, opportunities for leadership and, of course, the academic needs of the child.

In the end, a well-crafted list will contain schools that meet the child’s unique academic, social and emotional needs, as well as give him or her a solid chance of acceptance.  Read on…