Just for Juniors: An SAT/ACT Tune-Up


Have a Junior that feels “so-so” about their first SAT or ACT performance this spring?

Chances are, they’re registered for a second test coming up soon, and now is that critical time in-between tests where they can improve their score before sending in their applications.

We’ve put together a short 4-session Test Prep Tune-Up package for this exact scenario, where our tutors work with Juniors to:
  • Use the test they just took to identify specific weaknesses
  • Spend each session on targeted instruction aimed at boosting their score in those areas
  • Identify how to best use the limited study time they have left leading up to their next SAT or ACT test
If you’re interested, click the link below to contact us about this “Just for Juniors” test prep option:
“Upon completion of the tutoring sessions, Morgan scored a 1300 on her SAT… Those scores not only are fabulous, but they really helped Morgan’s self-esteem and her self-confidence”  ~ EllenSAT Test Prep Parent