Want to Raise a Good Writer? It All Starts with Reading not Texting


Open any newspaper or education journal and you’re hit with an article about American students lagging behind in math and science.  But in my view, one of the most important skills needed in college and the work force isn’t whether someone can use the quadratic equation, but whether or not the individual can write effectively.

A new study titled “Texting, techspeak and tweens: The relationship between text messaging and English grammar skills” suggests that the more time students spend sending and receiving texts, the worse their grammar skills become.  As parents, we know that it’s not so easy to pry a beloved phone from the hands of our kids, but we can do encourage them to do something that can offset such a decline in grammar.  What is this task?  It’s reading!

Studies show that there is a direct correlation between the time spent reading and good writing skills.  So even if our children LV 2 TXT (that’s “live to text), reading is the magic bullet.  You can build reading time into even the most hectic schedule by setting aside a half hour each evening after dinner for family reading time.  That’s right, everyone reads and NO TXT BC POS (no texting because a parent is over the shoulder).  All kidding aside, in an age where we’re all rushing from one thing to the next, a half hour away from electronics to read and relax can do the trick when it comes to improving reading and writing skills.

The ability to read, write, and communicate effectively is key to success in the classroom, in careers and in our personal lives. Encourage your kids to read and help them develop great writing skills which will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

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