Summer Tutoring

Get Ahead, Stay Ahead with Summer Tutoring

School stops in the summer, but learning shouldn’t

The research is in:

Kids can lose up to 2.5 months of progress in language arts and in math if they don’t keep learning over the summer. This is what we call the “Summer Slide.”

Students who let that slide happen are at a big disadvantage when school starts up again.

Thankfully, setting your child up with both accountability and fun yet effective learning activities over the summer not only prevents the Summer Slide, but can keep them progressing so that they’re ahead of the curve come September.

Our summer tutoring program is designed to do exactly that!

Summer assignments do help… if your child doesn’t wait until the last minute

Another thing we know:

Spreading learning over a longer period of time improves understanding and memory.

But when left to their own devices, our kids tend to push their summer homework packets and reading assignments until the last possible minute – defeating the purpose of those assignments in the first place.

Instead, our tutors help middle and high school students develop, and stick to, a well-structured plan for completing their math and reading assignments over the summer, without the last-minute rush to get them done days (hours even) before school starts up again.

This way, they get the work done on time, and actually benefit from the assignments, rather than just complete them for a checkmark.

Summer Tutoring Doesn’t Need to be a Drag

• Our tutors will make learning fun by incorporating games and activities.
• We will hand-select a tutor who is just right for your child. We match students with tutors based on expertise, personality, and learning style.
• All sessions are in-home, one-on-one, and based on your summer schedule.

Summer Packages

Family Plan – 28 hours
Buy 25 hours, get 3 free for a total of 28 hours
Our best value!

22 hours
Buy 20 hours, get 2 free for a total of 22 hours

16 hours
Buy 15 hours, get 1 free for a total of 16 hours


Our most popular summer tutoring subjects include:
• Read to Succeed: Our tutors will help your child improve speed, fluency, and comprehension to unlock a love for reading.
• Write Away: We help your child get his thoughts out on paper, simplifying the writing process.
• Math Mania: From addition to calculus, our math tutors make sessions fun while covering crucial math strategies.
• Study Skills: Grades aren’t the only thing we improve. Our highly qualified Educational Coaches work with students to develop time management, organization, and study skills.
Don’t want to be constrained to one subject? Not a problem! Our tutors are able to create a blended and customized learning program unique to your child.

Don’t let summer slip away

With vacations, camps, and friends, before you know it, August is here and summer break is rapidly coming to a close.

So if you think summer tutoring is right for your child, contact us today before summer gets away from you.

To get started, contact us (or call 703-934-8282). We’ll contact you right away to discuss how we can help your child get ahead and stay ahead this summer.