Spanish Tutoring in McLean VA

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shutterstock_134324903Many students feel that they are incapable of learning a foreign language. Classes in school can move very quickly, require a great deal of memorization, and provide very little feedback from the teacher due to the size of the class.

Additionally, your child may feel very self-conscious trying to speak in the target language in front of peers. All of these factors can create a stressful experience that causes students to give up language learning as soon as they are no longer required to take the class.

Our foreign language tutors are proficient or fluent in their designated language and have ample teaching experience. They are invested in not only getting students to learn the target language but to enjoy the process. By providing highly customized, dynamic lessons in a one-on-one setting, our tutors will will help your child develop the following skills:


Working in a one-on-one setting and getting immediate feedback will really allow your child to develop fluency, an authentic accent, and confidence to use the language beyond the classroom.


Through exposure to native-level speaking, your child will acquire vocabulary and learn to hone in on the important details in a conversation.


Our tutors will use high-interest, authentic materials to teach your child strong reading comprehension skills and develop a robust vocabulary.


By assigning dynamic writing tasks, our tutors encourage students to use vocabulary, develop fluency, and synthesize old and new concepts.


Understanding grammar is central to being able to learn a new language.  Rather than explaining rules and drilling students on them, our tutors provide overt instruction, which connects grammar topics with larger communication contexts.

Cultural Context

Language is not just about the words it contains. It is affected greatly by the people who use it. Our tutors help language come alive by teaching their students about the cultures that use it.