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Education is priceless. Invest in your child's future now with a tutoring company that offers a customized, in-home tutoring experience that will change the way your child views learning. Educational Connections requires all our tutors to have a minimum of a Bachelor's degree.



    Control What You Can: Admissions Factors to Consider in COVID-19
    In a year where not much is within our control, it’s good to know what you can control in the[...]
    SAT/ACT Test Prep During COVID-19
    Once you’ve decided whether or not your child should test and taken the first steps of practice tests and test[...]
    To Test or Not to Test: How COVID Affects the SAT and ACT
    For 2020-21 seniors, test scores are, for the first time ever, completely off of the table. Since COVID cancellations made[...]
    The First Steps of SAT/ACT Test Prep
    Unless your child is a senior in the Class of 2021, it’s fairly safe to assume you should move forward[...]

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    If you're looking for a flexible side income doing meaningful work, part-time tutoring is one of the best ways to make that happen using the skills you already have