Who we are

Founded in 1998 by educator, Ann Dolin, Educational Connections was created as a one-man-show and a labor of love. We’ve since grown into one of the most superior educational organizations in the DC metro area, having worked with over 9,000 students. These students have come to us with a myriad of educational backgrounds, some in the pursuit of perfect SAT scores, others struggling to overcome severe learning differences. Throughout the past 18 years our pool of highly qualified tutors have not only helped these students reach their academic goals, but have taught them the skills necessary to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

At Educational Connections, we live and breathe our four core values:

  • Create an environment that breeds greatness
    • We only accept ‘A players’ who are committed, warm, enthusiastic, and driven. We reject mediocrity and believe that with an incredibly positive attitude, anything is possible.
  • Produce remarkable experiences
    • We’re in the business of changing lives. A lot is at stake and we’re invested to do whatever it takes to make it happen for our clients.
  • Take initiative and be resourceful
    • We see obstacles as opportunities. Each team member naturally takes initiative to introduce new ideas and bold solutions.
  • Be industry experts
    • We’re driven to continually innovate. We develop and share our knowledge and expertise to better our team, our services, and our community.


Why we love it here

The Team

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more innovative, energetic, and creative group of people.  Truthfully, the majority of us are Type-A to the core, but we have a lot of fun. Trivia nights, company National games, happy hours, a fitness club, etc.


We’re big on both location and easy commuting. Our Virginia office sits in the heart of downtown Fairfax with a number of restaurants and shops close by. Plus, we’re right off of 123, route 50, and near 66, so the commute is about as easy as it gets in the DC area.


Creating an environment that breeds greatness is our first core value and essential to everything we do. We hire the best, and we empower them to do the most.

Growth Potential

We are, at our core, an education company and we look to invest in our employees and their future. Working with Educational Connections will allow you to develop as a professional as you are immersed in the world of education and entrepreneurship.

Fantastic Benefits

For our full-time employees, Educational Connections offers health insurance, a 401k retirement plan with company match, four weeks paid vacation time, an end of the year bonus, and paid holidays.




Interested in joining our staff?

Part-Time Tutor

We don’t just hire anyone; we hire the best. That’s why all of our tutors are content experts and extensively trained in our research-based coaching style. We recognize though, that learning and teaching are two different skills; therefore, we require that all tutors have tutoring or teaching experience prior to working for Educational Connections.


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