Geometry Tutoring in Vienna VA

Serving Vienna Virginia

Male Teenage Student Studying In Classroom With TeacherFor many students, the mere mention of the word “math” can produce immediate and noticeable anxiety. This can result from a variety of factors. Geometry is one of the tougher math subjects that young students have to take and some find it quite challenging. At EC tutoring we can help your child grasp the complex principles of geometry and achieve their goals in the classroom.

One reason for this success is the variety of research-proven strategies our tutors rely on to deliver results, including:

  • the use of manipulatives and multi-sensory approaches to engage students
  • the introduction of rhymes and games for younger students
  • recall strategies, such as work from known facts, finger tricks, and recognizing patterns

In addition, our tutors do not deliver strategies in a cookie-cutter fashion like many other tutoring services. Rather, a program is customized to meet the unique needs of your child’s specific learning style. This approach not only enables us to offer superior tutoring and test prep that fosters success, but also an enjoyable, stress-reducing experience for both students and their parents.