Distance Learning Programs

 Will School Be “Enough” for Your Child This Fall?


We’re offering individualized support to make distance learning easier, more effective, and stress-free for your entire family.

Whether your child’s school is staying online, going to split schedules, or adopting hybrid learning formats, one thing is certain: school is going to look a lot different this fall. If you’re worried that the lack of structure and support will set your child back, we’re here to help.Our distance learning programs help you:

✓ Give your child the support they need to catch up and get ahead academically

✓ Pass off the burden of distance learning so you can actually enjoy parenting this fall

✓ Feel supported as you tackle new challenges as a family

✓ Follow a clear plan for distance learning that meets state standards for your child’s grade

✓ Get the expert support your family needs to not just survive but thrive!

Read on to learn more about our unique programs starting this fall, or click below to schedule a free consultation with a distance learning educational specialist.

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Distance Learning Programs to Fill the Gaps


We provide three unique programs to keep your child on track this fall and make your new role of at-home educator much, much easier.

Option 1: Provider Coaching (Best for students in Pre-K through 5th grade with a full-time, at-home caregiver who is overseeing their distance learning)

Are you or a caregiver planning to oversee your child’s education this fall? You don’t have to do it alone! We offer Provider Coaching to support caregivers every step of the way. In this program, you’ll receive:

  • A personal case manager who can work one-on-one with you or your child’s caregiver
  • Professional lesson plans to fit your child’s age group and learning standards
  • Educational materials to make at-home learning fun and effective
  • Scripted coaching to help you know what to say and how to say it when teaching your young child to work more independently

Pricing: Available as a monthly subscription or hourly coaching free. Schedule a free consultation for more information.

Option 2: Small Group Classes (Best for 6th – 12th graders whose parents are able to organize a small group of peers for discounted group tutoring)

Is your child struggling to work independently but not quite in need of a private tutor? If you can organize a small group of his or her peers, we offer discounted small group tutoring in the form of Small Group Classes. In this program, you’ll receive:

  • Virtual group instruction for a parent-organized group of up to 4 students
  • Educational resources that meet standards of learning for Virginia (or your home state)
  • A straightforward plan for strengthening the important skills that form your child’s foundation for upcoming years
  • A core focus on math and language arts to help students review, catch up, and get ahead

Pricing: Between $45-75/hour, depending on the number of students in your child’s group. Schedule a free consultation for more information.

Option 3: One-to-One Tutoring (Best for 1st – 12th graders who need more support and accountability and/or those whose parents are unable to or uninterested in overseeing their distance learning in the fall)

Does your child need more academic support than teachers are able to provide at this time? We can help! In this program, you’ll receive:

  • A private tutor handpicked to fit your child’s age, personality, and academic needs
  • Convenient, flexible session times that fit your family’s schedule
  • One-on-one attention catered to your child’s most pressing needs
  • Support in any subject and executive functioning skills so your child can develop strong study habits
  • A high level of outside accountability, so you can focus on your own work or simply parent with less frustration
  • Online Zoom sessions to keep your family safe (We’ve found students respond extremely well to these private tutoring sessions on Zoom, even if they don’t enjoy their class-wide Zoom sessions!)

Pricing: Between $90-100/hour, depending on your child’s grade. Schedule a free consultation for more information.

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