The Roadmap To College


Helping high school students prepare for the SAT and ACT so that they have the most options available to them when it comes time to apply to college is one of the cornerstones of our business here at Educational Connections.

But regardless of whether you work with a tutor or through a test prep program, all parents and students should at least know what the process entails.

So I decided to take one of my most popular parent workshops, and condense it down into a webinar you can watch at your convenience.

In this webinar, I aim to answer 3 questions for you:
  • Which test should my child (is the SAT or ACT better)?
  • When should my child take it?
  • What’s the best way to prepare?

I also cover some important information on what college admissions counselors are looking for in 2018/2019, how your child’s combination of grades and scores impacts their application, and what to do if they’ve already taken a test or two.

Click the video above or click the link below to learn more.

Watch The Webinar

Then, if you’re interested in getting your high-schooler set up with a test prep plan that lines up with the roadmap I outlined, click here to learn more about our Test Prep Program.
Our highly credentialed test prep tutors help both you and your high schooler navigate the entire SAT/ACT process and develop a customized plan that will ensure they have the best chance of earning the score they need to get into their college of choice.
“We are so thrilled! Maddie’s ACT score went from a 29 to 34! Before, UVA was a big stretch, but now it’s a real possibility. We couldn’t be happier. Michael was an amazing tutor and really connected with Maddie and motivated her. We also love her new AP Stats tutor. You’ve really helped both my girls throughout high school. Thank you!” ~ ECT Test Prep Parent