Test Prep Timeline: March 2019


Here’s what you should be thinking about this month.

Sophomores should be…

You guessed it: continuing to focus on their regular schoolwork. A practice test and some periodic exercises from an SAT or ACT workbook certainly won’t hurt, but now is the time to focus on school.

Juniors should be…

Just about finished with their paired set of SAT/ACT tests this spring. Depending on when you signed them up, most Juniors will have taken at least one of the two spring tests we recommend.

If they haven’t yet, or if they need another shot at the test, don’t worry. There’s one more opportunity for each test this spring, along with some summer options available as well:

  • The next available SAT test date is May 4th (the registration deadline is April 5th).
  • The next available ACT test date is April 13th (you can still register with a late fee).

Reminder #1: We offer SAT and ACT practice tests for free in the community. Our experience has been that this is the best possible way to help your child prepare for these exams and improve their score.

You can register for one of our upcoming Mock Tests here.

Reminder #2: If your junior doesn’t feel great about their most recent SAT or ACT performance, we have a Just for Juniors Test Prep Tune-Up package available.

Our tutors can use the test they just took to identify specific weaknesses, spend each session on targeted instruction aimed at boosting their score, and help them identify how to best use the limited study time they have left before their next try.

If you’re interested, click the link below to contact us:

Contact us about our Test Prep Tune-Up Package