Teaching SAT and ACT Test-taking Strategies


http://pacificlearningacademy.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Test-Prep-scantron-answer-sheet.jpgI’ve worked with many of Educational Connections’s tutors to coach them on how to teach SAT and ACT test preparation to students. Nearly every time I go through the test-taking strategies with our tutors, I hear something along the lines of, “I wish I knew this stuff when I was taking the SAT.” These strategies are so simple but so effective that our tutors realize their usefulness as soon as they see them for the first time.

We teach how to approach the SAT and ACT

You may hear test prep providers promote services that entail learning the “tricks” of the test. While the SAT is especially notorious for containing intricacies that are often embedded in the details, at Educational Connections, we teach students how to approach each section. We provide strategies specific to each section and question type so that students can approach the questions and know exactly what to do.

The SAT math section is a good example of how helpful test-taking strategies can be. Many students have a great deal of anxiety about this section because, while the concepts tested are usually familiar, the style of the questions is not. Also, students are trained in their math classes on specific ways to solve problems, which presents a challenge on SAT math. There are often multiple ways to solve SAT math questions, which do not come intuitively to students. By learning and practicing strategies such as plugging in and choosing numbers, students can more easily apply their content knowledge to solve problems that might seem indecipherable otherwise.

Strategies Make the Difference

As a former test prep tutor who has helped numerous kids with standardized tests, I have seen one thing to hold true when it comes to the SAT and ACT: the students who embrace and apply the strategies they have learned feel more confident and score better in the end.

While learning strategies is a large piece of the puzzle, our test prep programs also incorporate working on content and pacing, the other two critical components of an effective test prep program.

To learn more about our test prep services and how we can help your child, contact our test prep tutoring specialist!