Summer Screen Time Struggles


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Summer sure has changed since you were a kid, hasn’t it? Where your parents had to beg you to come back inside for dinner, you may find yourself begging your child to put down the screens and head outside or read a book.

Screen time can be a point of tension year round, but without the distraction of school and homework, you may find the tech battle getting worse. We’re here to help! Check out these tips to stop the fight before it starts and keep your child academically engaged all summer long.

  • Tip #1: Communicate expectations now. Don’t wait until you’re angry to talk about screen time with your kids. Instead, sit down early in the summer to discuss how much screen time is appropriate and how your family will spend the summer days.
  • Tip #2: Discuss priorities, not just restrictions. Putting strict limits on screen time can just invite an argument. Try discussing the activities your kids must prioritize each day before they can play on their screens, like chores, summer reading, or outdoor play time.
  • Tip #3: Model healthy screen time. As much as we’d love for kids to do what we say, they almost always do what we do. Be conscious of how much time you’re spending on your own screen in front of your kids to keep pushback to a minimum.
  • Tip #4: Present your child with a fun alternative. Too much screen time is both an indicator and cause of boredom. Give your child a fun alternative to keep them mentally engaged over the break, like our summer tutoring experience.

Our tutors plan special games and hands-on activities to help your child beat boredom, stay academically engaged, prepare for the year ahead… and have fun!

Here’s what EC Tutoring parent Mark Watson had to say about his child’s summer tutoring experience:

Our tutor was absolutely terrific! She always came prepared with great material for our daughter, and did a wonderful job with keeping her engaged throughout every session. Our daughter would look forward to each visit and was visibly excited before and after each of her sessions.

Summer tutoring shouldn’t be a punishment or a drudgery. It’s actually a fun way to keep your kids academically and mentally engaged, and to minimize your screen time battles! Here’s how it works:

Step 1


Request a free consult to learn more about our summer tutoring experience.

Step 2


Meet your match, the tutor handpicked for your child’s needs and personality.

Step 3


Say goodbye to screen time battles and hello to a fun, academically engaging summer!


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